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How knowledable are you about Spy Pond? 

Take the quiz and find out!
1-4 correct = Keep Learning
5-8 correct = Nice Job
9-12 correct = On your way!
13 correct =  You are a Spy Pond Pro! Congratulations.

Quiz instructions:
To uncover the answers simply hold down the left mouse button and roll over the black box next to the question.
Questions Answers
1. How old is Spy Pond? 10,000 to 13,000 years old or since the end of the last ice age.
2. Who owns Spy Pond? The shoreline is owned by the abutters. The water is owned by the State of Massachusetts. The floor of the Pond is owned by Arlington. Elizabeth Island is privately owned. 
3. How much area does Spy Pond cover?
102 acres 
4. How does water enter Spy Pond?
Storm drains, rain, natural springs. 
5. Where does the water go after it leaves Spy Pond?  Through a conduit under Rt. 2, thence to Little Pond in Belmont, to Little River, to Alewife Brook, to Mystic River, and finally to Boston Harbor
6. How many acres make up the Spy Pond watershed?
706 acres
7. What greater watershed is it a part of?
The Mystic River Watershed
8. Can you name one of the problems Spy Pond has?  Weed and algae growth, cultural eutrophication, geese, urban runoff 
9. Name five animals that inhabit Spy Pond.  Geese, swans, ducks, dragonflies, muskrats, turtles, cormorants, and carp are a few of over 150 species of animal known from around the Pond. 
10. What is turbidity?
Relative clarity of the water.
11. What is cultural eutrophication?  The undesirable effects in the water quality of a lake when it is unnaturally enriched by fertilizers and other sources of nutrients from human activities 
12. What nutrient causes the most weed and algae growth in Spy Pond?
13. How can you become part of the movement to help save Spy Pond? Limit your use of fertilizer. Don't feed the geese. Contact Vision 2020 at 648-1936, or Friends of Spy Pond at 646-5262!

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