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Geese are one of the larger problems on Spy Pond. 

Did you know that one goose can produce one and one half pounds of droppings per day! 

Goose droppings kill vegetation and contribute to elevated bacteria on the land and in the water. Nutrients from droppings promote weed and algae growth; weeds fill in the shallows and make boating difficult. Stripped grass and killed vegetation promote soil erosion in the Park and sediment and polluted run-off into the Pond. Children and adults can be harassed by geese expecting to be fed. Goose droppings contain bacteria and they create a slippery mess. All of these things are bad for the pond and the people and animals that enjoy it.

What you can do
Donít feed the geese and if you see someone feeding the geese let them know that they are hurting the pond and the geese (Geese left to feed on their own natural diet are generally healthier). 

You can also let them know that feeding geese (or any waterfowl for that matter) is illegal in Arlington. Violators are fined $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second and third violations, and $100 for each subsequent violation.

For more information call the Arlington Board of Health at 781-316-3170.

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