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Spy Pond is full of fish and has been regularly stocked with tiger muskie fingerlings for more than a decade.  In 1996, the largest tiger muskie in the state was caught here and weighted in at 15 lbs. Steel leaders are recommended for anglers who want to target one of these rare trophies.

Largemouth bass in particular are numerous and generally above average in size. Yellow and white perch are abundant and can provide fast jigging action for ice fishermen. Try off the south and west sides of the island. In spring and summer, donít forget the carp. Chum with some corn or bread crusts and be prepared for fast initial runs and long battles.

In addition to the species already listed, the pond also has brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, bluegill, golden shiner, alewife, American eel and goldfish as regular residents. 


There is a somewhat well known incident in which Cotton Mather (of Salem Witch trial infamy) fell into Spy Pond on 8/15/1716  while fishing for perch.  He supposedly contemplated on this and is reported to have understood it as a sign from God that such fishing was sinful idleness had is reputed to henceforth have preached against  sport fishing (see "The Founding Fish" by John McPhee, Farrar Straus & Giroux, New York, 2002).

The following is from Volume I of Vernon L. Parrington's MAIN CURRENTS IN AMERICAN THOUGHT, 1620-1800 (1927). Which is available on-line converted to hypertext

Incredible as it may seem, the following record is authentic, and it falls like a shaft of warm sunshine across the path of the morbid priest: ". . Now about Dr. C. Mather Fishing in Spy-pond, falls into the Water, the boat being ticklish, but receives no hurt." (23) The restless minister who had fished overmuch in troubled waters, sometimes, it would appear, ventured for perch in Spy Pond. 

Reference #23 comes from a contemporanious diary : 
I. SAMUEL SEWALL: Diary (printed in Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., Series 5, Vols- 5-7). No life has been written. 


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