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Spy Pond is a wonderful place but, like many suburban ponds, it is faced with many challenges and its future depends on each of us.

Here is a quick list of the challenges faced by the pond.

After reading the list, visit the Spy Pond Committee  or the Friends of Spy Pond Park section to learn how you can get involved to tackle these challenges make the future of Spy Pond great.

Water Quality and Control:
Because Spy Pond is fed partly by groundwater and partly by surface runoff from the surrounding area anything dropped on the surface of the watershed may be washed into a storm drain and end up in the pond. This includes not only pollutants, which causes water pollution, but also excess fertilizer which causes eutrophication.  Eutrophication is the sign of a pond ecosystem in collapse due to excessive algal bloom, accumulation of nutrient in sediments, and low levels of dissolved oxygen. Learn how to help your lawn and the pond

Public Use and Access:
With people visiting and enjoying the pond every day it takes hard work to insure the current and future beauty of the pond.  Some of the many challenges are to maintain and improve existing public access and enhance public access and recreation.  All the while ensuring respect for private property.

Geese are a major problem on the Pond. One goose can produce one and one half pounds of droppings per day. Goose droppings kill vegetation and contribute to elevated bacteria on the land and in the water. Nutrients from droppings promote weed and algae growth; weeds fill in the shallows and make boating difficult. Stripped grass and killed vegetation promote soil erosion in the Park and sediment and polluted run-off into the Pond. Children and adults can be harassed by geese expecting to be fed. Goose droppings contain bacteria and they create a slippery mess

Flora and Fauna:
Spy Pond is full of wonderful plant and animal life. One of the challenges faced by the pond is to insure a healthy diversity of plants and wildlife.

Public awareness and the attention of Government:
Too often we take wonderful things for granted. It is important to let people and government know about the many natural, economic, and cultural values of Spy Pond.  Find out how you can help spread the word! 

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